7 Normal Things Women Do That Guys Find ‘Too Hot’

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7 Normal Things Women Do That Guys Find ‘Too Hot’

To certain women, there are very normal routines that mark their day but to a guy, these usually just blow their mind away. In a good way, of course, forget about folding beddings and giving him that kiss when leaving the house. There are those things a woman will do that a guy will love her for it. Here we bring you five things women can do that men love.

When Women Bite Their Own Lip

Women must bite their lips like ten times minimum in a day. I’m talking about the bottom lip here. I’m not sure what they’re thinking when they do so but anyways men love it. Some will do it when they screw up something or when they try to cook their food and end up burning it to a toast. Yeah, I promise you it’s not a Fifty Shades of Grey thing. Men had already shown interest in women who bit their lip and they have been loving it.

When They Take Their Bra Off

I must clarify this part when she takes off her bra under her shirt. I’m not sure if she has allies to do this but she does it so effortlessly. I think it’s talent- sometimes they would do it twice or even four times a day. It may be that they change their clothes super often so they have to learn as they go. Guys get mesmerized by this which pretty much explains why they love it. Ask him why and he will not really know what to say.

When They Put on Makeup Within Minutes

I’m not necessarily talking about full-on makeup. There are those who will put on a little blush and lipstick and they are ready to go but there are those special cases who will do full on makeup in less than five minutes. There are several reasons why women will do this in such a short time; one it takes long for them to pick what it is they are going to wear and for BFFs are not fans of Friday night dancing without makeup who goes to the bar or club without makeup anyway.

When They Stretch

A stretch is always good for the body. When you wake up, when you’re tired or sitting down for quite a long time- you know what I mean. This comes quite normally to a woman but there’s something about it that makes a man elated. A lady does not have to stretch in a super glamorous way and who set the standard anyway, but there is just something about it that men completely love. Maybe it’s because it comes so naturally. Ladies, just be grateful that your boyfriend loves such things that you normally consider boring or no turn-on at all.

When They Have a Good Posture

The only time I’ve noticed a woman without good posture is when she was drunk. Watch her when she’s doing her nails or combing her hair. She sits up straight, for them they do not really have rules when it comes to where exactly proper posture will apply. But I guess there is so much comfort and sitting straight and properly for that matter. A woman with a good posture makes herself even more attractive.

Teasing Men

Women have revealed teasing men is what guys also find hot. You could be wondering it might cause problems for the fair sex but frankly speaking, men fall for it when their partner or spouse tease them. Putting things in their mouth, nose and doing other things like these will make your man love you even more.

Playing With Their Hair

This is quite interesting to tell that guys fall for the little things. Playing with hair of your boyfriend or partner will make him feel comfortable. Every guy has a lot many things they want their girl to do with them. For most of the guys, playing with hair is an ordinary thing that turns them on.

Share this post as a support to us to write interesting articles more and more 😉

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