14 Heart-Warming Images That Define Humanity

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14 Heart-Warming Images That Define Humanity

Politicians will always argue, there will always be war and the human race will never escape the horrors that life can bring. This negative news is often depicted on our TV screens everyday. However there were moments captured in 2015 that defined our humanity. They are moments of people stepping outside of themselves and focusing on the world around them. These 15 photos show that kindness can be found in the smallest of places…if only for a moment.


1. A man bought a turtle from the local food market to set it free.


2. When this neighborhood heard a deaf man was going to live near them, they all learned sign language.


3. An older man helped a young man struggling with his tie.


4. A McDonald’s employee stopped serving customers and went over to help a disabled man eat his lunch.


5. A heart surgeon comforts his 5-year-old patient before surgery.


6. This donkey gives a big smile after he was rescued from an ice pond.


7. This Turkish couple spent their wedding day feeding 4000 refugees.


8. This man puts his sick dog in a wheel chair everyday so it can see the world.


9. This woman adopted her best friends four children after their mother died of cancer.


10. A teacher comforts a crying baby of one of his students.


11. This cafe opened it’s doors to stray dogs after hours so they had a place to sleep.


12. Firefighters continue a man’s yard work after he had a heart attack.


13. On the streets of Canada, children placed coats on poles for the homeless as they prepared for winter.


14. After rescuing this foal it wouldn’t leave this man’s side.


Share this post as a support to us to write interesting articles more and more 😉

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