6 Diseases Proving That Nature Hates Us

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6 Diseases Proving That Nature Hates Us


Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis? Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva? Before you get confused, these are medical terms for some of the strangest diseases known to humankind. In colloquial language, the above mentioned illnesses are also called tree man illness and the stone man syndrome.

What sounds somewhat hilarious is actually not – people suffering from these diseases often have a lifetime of struggle ahead. According to the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD), approximately 30 million Americans “wake up to fight the battle with a rare disease.”


1. Guinea worm.

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This is not simply a kid’s tale supposed to scare you but actually a parasite that can live in foul water. If you drink this water and happen to swallow a little Guinea worm, then you are going to be in big trouble. While growing up, the parasite will live in your intestines and then slowly move towards your limbs until it has found its favorite new home – which will, most likely, be one of your


Once they’ve had enough, they might cause large blisters on your skin and eventually make their way out of your body again. Their extraction can be quite painful but at least the worm will be gone afterwards.

2. Fish Odor Syndrome.

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Trimethylaminuria, also known as Fish Odor Syndrome, comes with a messed-up metabolism and the body’s inability to break down trimethylamine. The chemical then builds up and has to leave the body through sweat, urine and saliva.

Why the name, you might be wondering. Well, the disease causes its carrier to basically smell like rotten fish. As though that wasn’t already enough, it is also incurable.

3. Cancrum Oris.

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This infectious disease usually affects people that are malnourished and are forced to live in poor hygienic conditions. Cancrum Oris, also known as Noma, destroys the soft and hard tissue around the jaw.

Predominantly affecting children in sub-Saharan Africa, it can also accompany HIV diseases. The mortality rate is approximately 70-90 percent and, if patients survive, they will need complex reconstructive surgery.

4. Cornu Cutaneum.

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Although this tumor might look like special effects makeup, it is anything but cool. In fact, it is a specifically rare tumor caused by sun exposure or radiation and predominantly affecting elderly men.

For as long as the skin cancer has not spread, it can be removed via surgery and the patient is considered cured.

5. Filarial worm.

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What is most scary about this parasite is that it will live in your eye and eventually cause blindness. In third-world countries, the filarial worm is the second most common cause for blindness.

Approximately 170 million people are currently infected with the so-called Filariasis. Worm larvae are transmitted from one individual to another by mosquito bites which is why the parasitic disease is hard to contain.

6.  Madura Foot.

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This chronic fungal disease is also known as Eumycetoma. Usually, this disease is caused by certain fungi entering the body through open skin cuts. The infection is not painful at first and could then spread to the bone tissue. Most commonly, it will infect the feet but it can also spread to the hands or the back.

If not detected early enough, patients might have to face amputation of feet or hands.

Share this post as a support to us to write interesting articles more and more 😉

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